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Holy Days or Holidaze?

Tiffany Wood with hands at heart center

Holy Days or Holidaze? This is the opportune question for all of us this time of year. It seems that we all intend in our own unique way to connect with what the Holidays mean for us as individuals, families, and culturally. And then... we seem to get pulled into the fray and our already busy lives become an even greater whirlwind of have to's, overwhelm, over spending and overeating that all leads to just hoping to make it to the finish line intact. So, herein lies the importance of connecting to what is sacred about this time of year for you  and creating your Holy Days from  the essence of what is true to your heart.  

Pause, right now, and settle into your seat. Find your breath and engage 5 slow inhales and exhales. With your eyes closed and your attention placed at your heart center, connect with the part of you that has been ever-present and unchanging throughout your whole life. That piece of you is there when you allow yourself to acknowledge it. This is where you will find the true meaning of the Holy Days Tradition(s) that spark the peace, love and joy that are at the heart of why you do what you do this time of year .  

Sit in your own awareness and allow your heart to softly speak.  What does your heart want in order for the Holy Days to feel sacred, loving and festive?  

When the answers begin flowing, imbibe them with your breath and begin cultivating an inner knowing of your intentions. With each inhale drink in what it feels like and/or looks like to engage this season from the pure intention of your heart. With each exhale make your offerings to the Universe so that the fullness of your heart moves out into the world and engages everything around you from pure Consciousness.  

What do you need to do in order to honor your connection to what you hold sacred this time of year?

What does it look like or feel like when you plan out your Holidays from your heart's intention?  

How does it feel to honor your boundaries?  

Once you have visually and physically connected to your heart's intention, take the next few minutes to sit in the quite stillness of remembering the essence of the Holy Days within yourself. It is from this place that you get to create your plan for the best Holy Day season ever, that is steeped in the love of your heart and honors the traditions that are the life force of this time of year.  

With your heart leading the way, you won't succumb to all of the crazy non-working behaviors that tend to drive the season of giving such as guilt or obligation. You will be able to make choices that serve you and those that you love by coming from a place of knowing that you are good enough and when you give from your heart, everyone knows how much they mean to you. With your heart leading the way you will know when it is true for you to decline a certain Holiday party or event because you need to create the space for what is really important to you. With your heart leading the way, you will find the peace your are seeking by truly engaging what HOLY DAY TRADITION means to you and therefore deepening your connection to the energies that lift you up and make it all worthwhile.  

May your Holy Days truly be bright as they are an illumination of your own sacred heart. I wish for you to know the depth of your love and to feel that you may give it freely because you are connected to its Source. Honor what is true for you this time of year and you will give everyone the gift of your whole-hearted presence; which is all we really want from you anyway.  

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