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Have a Little Faith in You!

Tiffany Wood with hands at heart center

As you step into 2015, you probably made resolutions or better yet, you listened to your heart's desires and set your intentions, goals or dreams for this new year, or you have past desires that you are striving for. Whatever it is, you have something happening in your life right now, an opportunity, that you are hoping to step into. And that opportunity may have been beckoning, been calling to you for a while and you may have actually made baby steps toward it, and yet you’re still terrified. I know this... I read your journals!! So what we get to do is to learn how to have faith that we have everything we need, that we’re going to be taken care of, and that it’s all right here within. 

The Sanskrit word for faith is Shraddha, which translated means where you place your heart. And if we take the word faith we can say, whatever you pour your heart into, that’s your faith. If you pour your heart into believing that the sacred supreme, or spirit, or universe, is going to stream through you and guide you, if you pour yourself into that awareness and you trust it, then you have faith in that. If you pour your awareness and trust into that you are grounded in the here and now, and that you are present for, and with, your highest vision rooted into the material world, you have faith in that. And when we combine those two together, where we are really rooted into the essence of who we are right here, right now in this body, and we trust and open up to the bigger energies to guide us, these two converge in the heart where anything and everything is possible! Try this short meditation to help you step into the essence of this:

Shraddha Meditation

1. Find a comfortable seat (no not in your comfy armchair, a yoga-type seat like Sukhasana or Virasana). Close your eyes. Place your fingertips on the ground and feel the support of the earth, beneath you. Plug into the earth’s grounding energy. We need to plug into to this first because if we just move up into the vision we unplug from who we are; everything we’ve walked through, every part of our path that created who we are right now. I think that’s one of the most precious and powerful things about our relationships, our friends, our loved ones, is that they help us remember who we are. So stay connected to this grounding energy. Have faith that if you keep putting one foot in front of the other that you will make it to where you want to be, remember that you are connected to something bigger and that it guides you with this sweet loving nurturance. Allow the earth to support you, to hold you sweetly, as you keep connecting to this energy. Take a few long inhales and exhales. Continue this deep breathing for a few minutes and really connect with this nurturing, supportive energy.

2. Now place one of your hands on your head with your fingers pointing up into the sky; this is like my radio receiver for spirit, like the antennae on your car, or an old transistor radio! Let the energy of spirit, God, the sacred supreme, the Universe, whatever you attune to, that bigger pulsation, let it flow through you and invite it in. Pull this energy down and through you. Take a few deep breaths. Continue to do this until you feel this energy flowing through you.

3. Then take the fingers that are on the ground and the fingers that are on your head, and you pull them both together, so from earth to sky and sky to earth, and allow them to converge in your heart. Notice how this feels. Hopefully it feels good! You are grounded in you, you are connected to something bigger, and, you are open and available to receive guidance.

4. Bring your hands together at heart center, Anjali Mudra, and take a deep breath in, let it go, inhale and chant three Oms. Feel them vibrate through you. Open to the steadiness that supports and sustains you, and open to the sweetness that guides and nurtures you so you can land in faith, in Shradda, in your heart. Have faith that you have the tools, the know-how, the courage, the support to step into whatever your heart desires! 

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