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Mexico Yoga Retreat 2019

This is a true getaway into the sanctuary that defines retreat! Come for the yoga and discover why people return for the amazing friendships. This retreat will particularly focus on how to explore the Subtle Body through breath and other practices that build sensitivity to how we channel energy and direct energy for our highest good.

The body is a sanctuary, a microcosm of The Universe

Everyone has a Guru. Defined as that which takes you from darkness to light, Guru becomes more of a principle than the stereotypical person that is often associated with a spiritual practice. The Guru Principle is thus anyone or anything that opens your awareness to a moment of awe (ahh) and acts as a gateway to feeling connected to the source of bliss in that moment.

The Guru shows up in the most genuine of places.

A stroll through the pine trees, the sound of rain, the soft touch of your beloved are all great examples of what can elevate your awareness to the sacred of the moment. The sunrise gleaming over the mountain top, the first bite of a strawberry, the hoot of a barn owl …all hold the power to instill reverence for how magical life truly is. The laughter of a child, your favorite song, a dog chasing its tail…can all lift your heart and inspire your best self to greet the rest of the day.

The Guru Principle is the guiding light that illuminates the path to enlightenment. Tantric yoga philosophy sees enlightenment as a possibility in any ordinary RIGHT NOW.

Who holds the power to move you from dark to light?

You hold that power! You are the one who has to step into the extraordinary within the genuine and ordinary offerings pouring forth in every moment. Are you walking in the rain or are you just getting wet?

Also known as the Weighty One, The Guru is holding space for you to align with the revelatory power of that which is right before your eyes. Hiding in plain sight, the Guru beckons you to discover a connection to your higher self through what is being offered in the moment.

The Guru Principle is only as profound as it is embraced through practice.

Open to the Weighty One and entrain to its rhythm. Allow the wisdom of genuinely ordinary moments to lift you to higher states of Consciousness. Seek opportunities to step into your bliss by slowing down and sinking into the moment. As Dan Millman wrote in The Way of the Peaceful Warrior, “There is never nothing going on!” Enlightenment isn’t sitting in a cave and withdrawing from your life. It’s realizing that the Sacred Supreme is available through the experience of life~