Are You Ready for a BIG shift?

A Portal to a New Age

Are you ready for a big shift? We have all felt the intense contractions of 2020, and many of us feel like we are stuck in the birth canal where the YES of life has consistently been challenged by strong NO's that keep testing our resolve. Fortunately, the greater Universal energies are giving us a profound opportunity to find a breath of fresh air on December 21 with the Winter Solstice. The big shift is one we have not seen for 200 years! The transition of earth to air energies is said to truly be the dawning of the age of Aquarius! 

What does this mean?

December 21 marks what astrologers are calling the great conjunction; where the planets Jupiter and Saturn are coming so closely together they will look like one bright star in the night's sky. I am calling it the Purnahuti - the grand finale - of not just the insidious year of 2020, but the ending of a cycle where structure, systems and authority will meet the opposing energies of abundance, expansion and optimism. Additionally, the Universal cosmic arrangements are moving into a new dynamic that humans have not interacted with since the year 1623! 

Um...again, what does this mean?

December 21 is a sweet portal where the contracting energetic qualities of earth will meet the expanding energetic qualities of air to create a balanced energetic, which yogis call SATTWA. It is a poignant opportunity to recognize that we are in a place to consciously replace the toxic and outdated structures of our lives and move into a more salubrious, inclusive and unifying state of being. Awareness of and conscious connection to this powerful portal will allow those who take time to get centered and set some intentions to use the ending of a cycle to create a new beginning that is innovative and truly leave behind old patterns and constructs. 

Why does this matter?

What do you want to carry into 2021, and how can you feel more empowered to honor the truth of your own path? THIS is the fresh air that is available with the coming new year. This is generally true with all New Years, but this is actually the theme that the year 2021 will present as the age of Aquarius begins; it IS the beginning of what will play out for many decades to come! This is a really BIG DEAL, in my opinion. Why not come into the new cycle with confidence and a map for the future!

3 Important Concepts of the Age of Aquarius:

1. Understanding who we are in the world.

2. The process of individuation.

3. Taking the previous two concepts and bring them back to contribute to the whole. 

Embrace the "black sheep" of being YOU

Finding our sense of Self and understanding what we need in order to live a good life is the gift of the upcoming New Year. What do you need in order to take care of you and show up in a new world view where the quicker energies of air will activate how we all move forward in learning how to gather, travel and navigate a truly shifted human family? 

Consciously letting go of old and outdated constructs and opening into an flowering of creativity will upgrade our consciousness and allow our Higher Selves to birth a new vision individually and support the collective in moving toward greater liberation. 

So...let's SEIZE this sacred portal

Join me on Monday December 21, 5:30-7:00 MST, for a practice focused on creating sacred space in which to honor the Winter Solstice and the big shifts happening within and around us. It is time to come together and combine our individual awareness with the magnifying nature of conscious community!