Five Ways to Raise Your Vibration to Attract More of What You Want!

Dare to be you!! 

When was the last time you truly allowed yourself to be beautiful? I'm not talking about those times when we get all dressed up for a night out; although those count too. I'm talking about a deep connection with your heart that allows your genuine smile to be revealed. I'm not talking about the skin deep kind of beauty; I'm interested in the radical beauty that lies within inextricably linked to your essential sweet Self. Chances are you dropped into your Beautiful You the last time you had a really good belly laugh. Perhaps it was the last time you opened up to the beauty around you that came in the form of a sunrise, the comfort of your favorite chair, or the melody of the song on the radio that inspired you to sing along as if nobody was listening.  

I love nothing more than seeing someone fall in love with themselves and connect with the courage to truly be a living, breathing example of beauty embraced! Unfortunately, we were never taught how to hold onto the freedom that makes young children so irresistibly beautiful. At some point, usually about Junior High, we sold out on ourselves and started holding back our beauty because we were so afraid the world would reject our light, so we either hid it entirely, or we overcompensated to prove our worth. This cloaked behavior is a game the Sacred Supreme intentionally plays with us. This is not out of malice or wanting us to suffer. It's simply because the moments when your beauty is revealed to you are so profoundly mind blowing that it delights in your own revelation! The philosophy of Tantric yoga calls this Lila; the play of the Divine. 

Lila is the game of hide and seek that is going on within and without you right this very moment. The whole of humanity is constantly moving through the ebb and flow of concealment of our beautiful nature and experiencing the glimmer of truth that is revealed in sacred moments that inspire our inner beauty to shine forth and to be received by the open arms of love. So, if it's true that the world is our mirror, the more we open to the beauty around us; the more we open to the beauty within us.

Here is my fail proof method for raising my vibration so I attract more of what I want, and far less of what I don't want: ENGAGE LIFE FROM YOUR HEART!! ACKNOWLEDGE BEAUTY AND DARE TO BE BEAUTIFUL!!
  1. Stop what you are doing. Look around you right now and name the beauty that you see.
  2. Repeat until you feel your heart lighten.
  3. Share the beauty of your heart as it is your birth right.  
  4. When the people or the world around you seem uptight, shut down, unavailable etc., remember the play of Lila and dare to be the one who reveals the light within.
  5. Watch as your life begins to reflect the abundance of the beauty within you in the form of more love, more joy, more money, better health, easier times and yes, more beauty.
You are beautiful. Dare to rock it!