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Five Minute Morning Meditation

Get Grounded - Get Clear - Set Intentions

Some experts say it takes around 21 days to develop a habit. As the new year approaches, it's a great time to develop a morning routine to start your day with positive thoughts, mindset and intentions. Try the following quick morning meditation upon waking to start your day off right!

1. Before getting out of bed, roll onto your back and extend arms up overhead. Reach your fingers and reach your toes in opposite directions, stretching every muscle and sending breath in between every bone and joint. Roll onto one side and help yourself up.

  • You can practice this meditation from a seated position in bed, or on the floor, you can sit in a chair or sit up on a pillow or blanket.  
  • Set a timer. Allow the self to have five minutes of ‘me’ time.

2. Bring your awareness to your breath, finding your Ujayi breath - breathe in through the nose and out the nose. Let your breath be audible and give it a 1-2-3 count with each inhale and each exhale. 

  • Let the body get big and bright - spine grows long and tall, collar bones expand to the side, shoulders rest on the back body, head and crown in neutral. 
  • Make your sit bones grow heavy and allow the body to settle and get grounded. Arms and hands rest wherever is comfortable. 
  • Mind begins to calm and settle.

3. Choose an intention for the day, week or month. Examples - I finished my project today. I am having a great day. X and I communicated well today. I got the promotion. I practiced yoga today. I feel healthy and strong. I signed up for the half marathon. I ran the half marathon and I crushed it. I put away $500 in savings.

  • It’s important to use the present or past tense because it sets the tone that your intention is or has already happened.

4. Pick a color - whatever color comes to your minds’ eye. Imagine this color at your belly and build it here for a couple breaths. 

  • With your inhales and exhales, move the color from the belly down to your pelvis and hips. 
  • Continues to move the color to your thighs, down your legs and all the way to your ankles and feet, extending out through the toes.
  • Keep breathing. The color continues to circulate throughout the bottom half of your body gaining momentum. 

5. Visualize this color working itself back toward your core (it never left). Your color begins to radiate up your spine and fills up the heart and chest. 

  • As you breathe, your color moves down the arms to the wrists and hands and shines brightly out your fingertips.
  • Circulate back toward the heart and move it up the neck to your face and head and radiate the color out your crown. 

6. Continue to visualize your color at your core, at your heart and beaming out all corners of the body. 

  • Repeat your intention out loud or to yourself, and finish with a big cleansing breath - inhaling through the nose and audibly exhaling out the mouth. 
  • Open your eyes, and see the world from the color of your intention.

Not only did you open your mind and heart by sending your intention to the universe, you also sent healing energy/light throughout the entire body. This gets blood flowing, digestion moving, organs functioning and sets the tone for your thinking and thoughts throughout the day.

As you practice more, the meditation can last as little as five minutes, or you can begin to extend for as long as you’d like. You can also use a mantra in place of an intention. This mindful practice is open to what best suites you and your evolving practice.

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