February Online Class Schedule

Feb. 5 - Upside down & Twisted: Shoulderstand variations + hamstrings, twists, & shoulder openers

Feb. 7 - Energize Your Practice: The three focal points & how to draw energy into & expand out from these concentrated energy centers.

Feb. 12 - Held in the Heart: Strength & Awareness of the Upper Back - Building forearm balance & heart openers.

Feb. 14 - Turn Your Heart On & Love Your Inner Child!

Feb. 19 - How to Grow a Lotus: Settle into deep hip openers & unfold your spiritual journey

Feb. 21 - Practice Makes Permanent: Show up for the change you want to see in the world!

Feb. 26 - Around the Wheel of Life: Full wheel variations that hold you in integrity.

Feb. 28 - Tension Tamer: Deeply focused on staying in the present through grounding and settling postures. Your nervous system will love this practice!