Tiffany Wood Yoga

Eat, Play, Love

Tiffany Wood & student practicing yoga on the beach in Mexico

One week of indulging in the sheer joy of living fully from the heart. This is my bottom line experience of being in Mexico with 23 other amazing souls! We came together in one of the most beautiful, heart opening places on the planet and poured ourselves into a life of inspiration and love.

Each day took us more deeply into what it means to see the world around us as a gateway to higher consciousness. True to the Tantric path, we engaged life from every angle. All week long, I kept hearing "I don't remember the last time I had this many amazing meals in a row!" Each day brought new magic as we got to honor the flow of life either through embracing the raw power of the ocean by playing in the waves, or by learning that we have the power to press up to handstand with a little help from our friends. The light hearted music from Leraine took us more deeply within our practice and more sweetly into communion with our friends as we playfully opened into authentic expression through dancing, laughing and loving.

I heard over and over again that everyone loved the pace of the week! We had just enough challenge in the physical yoga practice that the more mellow and playful afternoons were welcomed. Sometimes, participants took off and did their own adventures like getting a massage or going surfing. I personally loved the day we took a silent hike through the jungle! We got to eat ripe mangos that had just fallen to the jungle floor and swim in the fullness of community with the pelicans on our own private beach for the afternoon. It was pure joy experiencing the sounds, tastes, smells and sights of a land so vastly different from my day to day! I loved watching everyone's eyes so wide open in awe and wonder of life unfolding in such simple grandeur.

This, our 3rd annual retreat to Mexico, has become more than just a vacation. It feels like a family reunion of like minds and like hearts that come together in love, beauty, and recognition of the sweetness of being together in ways that foster such deep and true communication of the gift of being alive in the here and now. I fell in love with each person there either for the first time or all over again as I watched them share in the joy of eating, playing and loving. What a sacred time! I look forward to the next opportunity to create more of the same, yet I know that it will never be the same. We will all grow and shift by the next time we gather. There will be new friends who join us. The next time will be magical in its own way. For now, I truly savor this week of living fully from the heart and know that I will forever be more available to the unfolding Universe because of what we created as a group that understands One Love, One heart and knows that every little thing is already alright! Thank you to each one of you who came to Eat, Play, Love with me and Leraine. It was truly the best week of the year!

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