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Dreams & Discipline


A lot of people are going to include yoga in their New Year’s intention hoping to create a life of greater joy and ease.  So, why not create a specific intention and plan for your yoga practice? Here’s a plan to help you turn an intention into success!


What will your practice look like at the end of 2016? What would bring you to celebration? What postures inspire you? What attitudinal qualities do you want to embody? Think about your favorite teachers and fellow yogis and allow them to ignite your vision. Think of their stories and how they can help you improve. What do you want to accomplish that will make your teacher say, “That’s my student!”

Find your motivation first and let the specific goals come afterwards! This is your motivation. What is going to compel you to show up for your practice every day?


Now that you’re ready for success, it’s time to choose your focus – the aspects of your practice that you want to refine, deepen, and strengthen. Easiest would be to pick an area you already excel at, your natural inclinations, and deepen that relationship. Or, pick an aspect of the yogic practice your don’t know anything about or have never done before, like a pranayama or meditation practice, and put your heart and soul into doing the best you can.

Dream about what you want your practice to be and then analyze how you can create the discipline to get there.


This is where you get more specific. Do you want to focus on the hatha yoga practice and deepen a specific posture into one that is currently inaccessible? Do you want to take the inner journey of discovering how to open to a posture that you currently dislike? Do you want to develop a home practice? Name what it is you want to accomplish by taking time to let your heart do the talking.

Goals need to be specific and measurable. “I want to hold a handstand in the middle of the room by myself for 1 minute.” “I am sitting in meditation for 15 minutes 5 days a week.” “I am smiling and excited to be in a full wheel backbend by the end of May.”


We all need a team of people to help us find success! As you are setting goals and creating change, you will need a support team. Who do you need? Who do you want? Your team will vary based on your goals. Which teachers are going to help you achieve your results? What practice buddy will help to keep you on track? Who will help you stay emotionally and physically strong and balanced as your create these changes in your life? Do you need a coach?

Bottom line the area in which you will need support. Know that asking for help is crucial!


Your life IS your practice and your practice supports your life! Structure your time and your practice appropriately to enhance your life. Don’t make the mistake of making a plan that you can’t implement. Be honest with yourself and know that you will come up against your own barriers and defense mechanisms in addition to the demands of maintaining your household, job, relationships etc. Deepening a practice will ask you to look inward and discover how to embrace your worthiness even more than before.

Organize your plan into your life, not around your life.


Create incremental check points along the way. Take your larger goals and break them down into more attainable goals with dates for embodiment. Back to the handstand example; being able to kick up at the wall by March is a great check point. This could have smaller goals like holding plank pose for 30-60 seconds or 50 push ups or 5 minutes of core exercises by February.

Set and complete smaller goals so you can stay motivated and get a reality check periodically. Celebrate the victories and make new agreements around your short comings.


Yoga is not a win or lose sport. The accomplishments of the yogi next to you aren’t your failure! Success means you have met your objectives and you can celebrate even if you didn’t fully meet them because you stayed true to your heart and committed 100% to your practice. You can look back with inspiration and see how far you’ve come!


Fast forward to December of 2016… What do you want the story to be? See yourself on the other side of your vision and tune into the feeling state of life from that place. Keep your heart’s vision at the forefront of your goals for your practice and your life. Then, put your heart into the time, effort and discipline that will guide you toward realizing your essential nature.

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