Create a New Life Narrative

Create a New Narrative

Take the opportunity to step into the portal of the next two weeks. Channel your creative energy into a a six month road map to freedom! Each full moon provides powerful energy to help clear the slate by letting go of worn out baggage and opening your heart to a more optimistic vibration. This full moon occurring August 3 is about tuning into what individuates you by listening to the voice within that feels stuck and stagnate; where you need growth but feel the weight of your resistance to change. 

Unknowns as a Catalyst for Moving Forward

Its time to start seeing disruptions to 'normal life' or the unknowns of our personal and collective futures as an opportunity for awakening. This full moon and the next lunar cycle is a good time to sit with and listen to the voice of resistance to change. Use the portal to open your self to that Universal cosmic force that is moving us to trust the unknown

Take some time for integration & ask yourself some questions. Stay open, be receptive mentally to the quieter voice within. You are learning and growing at an accelerated pace. We are all feeling the building intensity. Remember, its not only about only listening to your words, its valuable to listen to your silence; to your unmanifest reality. (see the full moon ritual)

Find the place within your energy field where you feel stuck, likely in your solar plexus or in your mind wanting things to feel normal. This stuck energy is growing to a point of bursting into a new reality both personally and collectively! Our deep work began in March and its not over yet. The world is restructuring; you are restructuring. Feel the pressure of what it means to step into your future Self - six months from now. Feel your resistance and see it as a springboard! Everything will be coming into a better view within the next month, so for now, its about opening to taking the unexpected developments as a way to clear the slate. Use this full moon to let go of the angst of stagnation and set the intention of awakening to life from conscious creation.

Life on Your Terms!

What would you create for yourself? Not anyone else, just for yourself. This full moon in Aquarious is about your Soul's growth and your need to individuate. We are in the midst of a huge creative process and it time to harness this portal of concentrated creative energy. Tap in, let go of what you thought was essential or comfortable. There's a huge opportunity for opening to freedom through resistance. 

Moonbathing to purify and wash away resistance

This unique ritual is about allowing the vibrant glow of the moon to fall upon you. Bask it its energy and gentle love as you gaze up at its unwaivering willingness to shed light into the darkness of life. Breathe into the places you feel energetic resistance and ask the moon to clear the path. Meditate with Grandmother Moon and thank her for softly illuminating ways for you to remain open and receptive to not needing all the answers and to how you are learning and growing by leaning into trusting that life has always worked out in the end. See her light shining into your heart and then listen... listen to the deeper pull of creating a life on purpose. 

Call in the Wisdom of Saraswati

Ask the Goddess of light, pattern, and wisdom to help you organize your personal power in such a way that you are more receptive to birthing a new narrative for your highest good. Her mantra 

OM AIM (pronounced ieem) Sa-ras-wa-ti nama-ha

is a great way to tap into the Creative Life Force that will co-create a life that feels peaceful, powerful, and purposeful. When you call in Saraswati you are asking the highest part of yourself to trust in the Divine order of nature; asking for guidance in aligning with the greater wisdom that understands how to put together pattern, sequence, and to create from clarity.

Do the Work 

Ask some juicy questions, feel your resistance, open to the light within you and all around you. Know that the seeds you plant in the coming weeks will start to sprout into liberated expansion come February and March of 2021 because the same planetary alignments we're experiencing now will be revisited next spring. Its an invitation to show up to the emerging new light that comes out of winter with a tremendous head start in the game! I'll see you on the forever unfolding path to JOY.