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The human brain has over one hundred billion brain cells and research is proving that the most commonly exercised parts of your brain determine both positive and negative experiences of life. So, if you want to illicit radically positive shifts in your health, happiness and success, it’s time to harness your belief that you are what you think.

You Have The Power To Move into A Life That Is Replete With Optimal Physical, Emotional And Psychological Health.

One year ago I was crippled with multiple chemical sensitivity, chronic fatigue, food allergies, depression, and obsessive compulsive behaviors. I was literally vacuuming my walls and washing ALL my clothes 3 times as an attempt to mitigate severe and debilitating hypersensitivity to real and perceived toxins. I was so hypersensitive that my husband suggested I move into a bubble. That was then. That was what brought me to the commitment of understanding one of the biggest breakthroughs in science in 400 years called Neuroplasticity.

It is only very recently that science has embraced the brain’s adaptive nature.  In the past, if there was any damage to the brain, science believed the damage was not recoverable. The science of Neuroplasticity defies that old paradigm and is proving that people can learn how to rewire the brain by creating new neuro-pathways at any age. The discipline of Neuroplasticity is a new frontier in health care that is helping people create permanent changes in their brain pathways and their health. I know it works because I have witnessed the transformation in my own life. I became an alchemist! I challenged all my core beliefs about my victimized chemistry and created a different understanding about my life’s journey by consciously choosing joy over and over and over again.

Here Are Some Neuroplasticity Basics

Neurons that fire together, wire together - Meaning, brain mapping and wiring is damaged by trauma and chronic physical, mental, and emotional stress. As the control center for health and well-being, the brain can get caught in negative looping circuits and can be the cause for continued chronic pain, fatigue, allergies, sensitivities, and non-working behaviors.

Core beliefs affect the brain - Millions of neurons fire with every sensation, emotion and passing thought. This shapes your subsequent responses to what life offers and you begin to expect an “if this, than that” scenario. Core beliefs are the internal tapes of two distinct theatres playing out the movies of either FEAR or LOVE. Your subconscious will look for evidence to support whatever you believe to be true in the moment – whether it serves you or not. Stop limiting core beliefs from undermining your success by bringing them to the forefront of your mind so you can change them into beliefs that support a life lived in LOVE!

You can change your brain –The brain rewires by blocking pathways and creating new ones! This is only done through discipline and practice. Sorry, it’s not a magic pill. The good news, the discipline is fun and vividly rewarding. When you consciously engage your emotions, it’s easier for the brain to remember change. Accessing positive emotions and focusing your thoughts on what is good, right and beautiful can change your brain and shift your relationship to negative triggers and reactions.

Alchemy Defined:  A Seemingly Magical Process Of Transformation, Creation, or Combination.

In order to interrupt the negative trauma loop of the part of the brain responsible for conditions such as chronic pain, chronic fatigue, chemical sensitivity, noise and light sensitivity, food allergies, PTSD, and depression, you must learn to embrace the magical process of taking charge of your thoughts. This involves only focusing on what you want to experience by learning to override your symptoms by stepping into the curious and loving observer of SELF. It is possible to learn how to recognize recurrent trauma loops that come forth in thoughts, conversations, behaviors, and actions. From there, the big call to action is to lovingly and playfully re-route your thoughts ten million times a day by focusing on something wonderful instead.

For those shrouded in the darkness of a life ruled by pain and symptomatic suffering, I know from experience just how difficult this may seem! Conscious choice to interrupt a brain that is stuck in a rut by focusing on ANYTHING other than the symptom is very much a practice that will be challenging at first. It will ask you to stay true to your healing commitment over and over again. The question to ask is not “Will learning how to re-wire my brain work for me?” The question to ask is “Am I willing to let go of old beliefs and dedicate myself to harnessing the belief that a wonderful life is up to me?”

Tune into my next blog on learning how to recognize sabotaging thoughts and pathways of your past. You will also learn how repetition and association are the keys to change!

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Love, Tiff

Sources: The Dynamic Neural Retraining System, Ltd, The Brain That Changes Itself, Dr. Norman Doidge

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