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Awaken The Healer Within... A Summary of The Chakras

The first chakra
Chakra design by Lyndsey Marie; Image by FearlessEyes

Ever noticed how difficult it is to really change a non-working behavioral pattern or physical ailment? Making different choices through our thoughts and actions can come about from pure Iccha Shakti or will. This is certainly the first place to begin, but wouldn't it be great to for your efforts are backed by knowing how to better align with the energetic template that is driving your behaviors and patterns? 

This is where the conversation of yoga, particularly Tantra Yoga, takes a meaningful step beyond Downward Facing Dog. The pathways in which our life force and vital energies move and flow within our bodies are big players in our physical and emotional health. Tantra yoga is a practice of Self discovery that focuses on opening the central energetic channel within the body so that life can flow freely. Learning how to modify the pathways of vital energy will ultimately create lasting change in the way we perceive, assimilate and create better health, relationships, abundance, love, communications, and connections to our spiritual source.

Tantra Yoga and awakening the power of you!

Blockages in our energetic fields have long been understood by ancient yogis to create stress and dis-ease in the human physical, mental and emotional experience. Learning how to open and purify these channels is the gift of engaging what is known as the Chakra System. Various postures, forms of breath work, sounds, affirmations and mantras, along with other techniques, hold extremely potent power for clearing away that which impedes the central nervous system and awakening the healer within. 

Healing through engaging the Chakra System can begin at a very user-friendly and basic level and it can also take the yogi down a beautiful rabbit hole of remembering that we are not separate from the Source of the healing powers of the Infinite. As we learn to consciously collaborate with this power of life through the subtle body, we become the beacon of light we seek when we step into the magical realm of the energetic vibration that creates, sustains and dissolves the Universe. We are nothing but that same vibrant source of energy and learning how it moves within the human form is one of the secrets of thriving and not just surviving in our lives!

The universe is a manifestation of the play of the elements earth, water, fire, air, ether. These same energetic vibrations manifest within our human form and create life when also combined with the power of the something more that is the singular source of life itself. Contemplate the Mahabhutas, the 5 elements, and you will begin to unfold the map of true healing and liberation. Relate to the metaphors of the 5 elements and you will begin to understand how these vibrations are behind our physical ailments and behavioral patterns. 

Earth is about stability, nurturing our base line survival needs, and knowing that we belong to our tribe. The Root Chakra known as Muladhara is located at the Perineum just between the anus and the genitals. When this energetic vibration is in balance, we feel safe, grounded, and well cared for. This stable grounding earthy element allows for us to feel at home within our bodies and enables us to look outside of ourselves and to begin enjoying the world around us. When the earth energy is out of balance, we perceive life through our fears and struggle to manifest our visions and dreams. Foot, leg, and hip pain and maladies as well as obesity or anorexia can all be attributed to the earth element being out of balance within the human energetic system.

Ap, the water element, represents passion, fluidity, creativity, and sexuality. It mobilizes the earth energy and stirs up feelings that compel us to step into the ever changing reality of embodiment. The Sacral Chakra is known asSvadisthana, which means sweetness. When the water element is in balance, we embrace our right to feel and we use our emotions positively. We use our emotions as a springboard to dive into our passions and we begin to transform challenges into blessings. The water element teaches us to embrace our sexuality. When the 2nd chakra is out of balance, people either stuff their feelings or they can't hold back the flood and are often swept into the emotional fray of life. Reproductive disorders, stiff & tight bodies, and aversion to or overindulgence in the sweetness of life is present.

As the Kundalini energy within rises, the fire element located in the solar plexus, begins to kick in our individuality and sense of ego. The fire within is about getting things moving and transforming feelings into actions. When this energy center known as The Lustrous Gem or Manipura is in balance, we digest and assimilate our food and we have plenty of energy to move forward with our passions. Fire that is out of balance can lead to lack of boundaries and the inability to stand up for one's self. It can also manifest in a person that is overbearing and pushy. You can identify this in the physical body by what I call the "Bully Belly."

The air element converges all the energies dancing within the human form in the heart center known as Anahata.  The subtle energy of the transmuted wind element leads to the energetic potential of touch. What touches your heart and how do you touch others? Balanced air qualities are compassionate, loving, open to relationships, dexterous with no need to control others and fulfilled in the knowing of the right to be loved by others. So many of life's traumas and dramas can shut down the flow of life. This vibrational center is the home of grief and longing. Lung and heart dysfunctions  can be very positively effected by learning to employ various breathing techniques designed to clear out suffering from stress and strain, causing poor circulation, which affects our health and joy.

Ether, space, expands and contracts. It associated with sound and is known as Visshudha located in the throat. Ether is the energy of communication and resonance and when it’s in balance our voice is strong and clear as is our ability to communicate our wants to others. Those prone to continuous sore throats, laryngitis and neck pain can benefit tremendously by looking at how they embrace their right to have a voice in the world. When this resonate frequency of ether is in balance, we are good listeners, we have a sense of timing and rhythm and we send clear signals to others. 

As the Kundalini Shakti, the awakening and rising energies of life, pierce the middle of the head, we begin to engage the buddhi mind, the intellect. Our consciousness expands into our right to see clearly and to know our connection with the Highest vibration of Unity Awareness. Thus, opening up the 3rd eye center and the crown center respectively. At this point, the impurities or obstructions to healing at a deep energetic level have been transmuted. The knots, granthis, that hinder our desire to health and well being. By starting in the earthy, grounded safety of the Root Chakra, the transformation of the chemistry within the practitioners body literally becomes visible to outside observers. 

Are you interested in becoming the light you seek in the world? Take on the journey of learning to thrive within your energetic system by cooperating with it using brilliant and tried methodology. To learn more about healing through the Chakra System, pick up one of the many books that outline the practice. And, join me on your mat. I am teaching workshops and more extensive trainings on healing through the wisdom of vibration. My workshops teach movement, breath work, mantra and many techniques to open up the petals of truth within your body, mind and heart. 

*Chakra design by Lyndsey Marie; Image by FearlessEyes

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