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7 Ways to Improve Energy & Vitality This Fall

Try these 7 simple and incredibly effective self-care practices for boosting your energy this fall

The transition from the heat of summer to the chilly, crisp, and dry fall is upon us! In addition to the climate shift, schedules tend to change and we can find ourselves in a little or a lot of imbalance as we navigate our paths. Imbalance may show up as increased anxiety, insomnia, and fatigue. It may also show up in the form of dry skin, irritable tummies, or feelings of overwhelm as we navigate this creative and yet volatile time of year. Find balance and watch your energy levels soar!

·       Get up before or right at dawn

Especially if getting out of bed in the morning is difficult, sticking to a routine is the best advice! Give yourself and extra 30-60 minutes in the morning to have enough time to take on the following practices for better balance.

·       Hydrate with warm water until your bowels move

·       Scrape your tongue more info here

·       Apply sesame or coconut oil before you shower

·       Sit in stillness or meditate for 5-20 minutes

These top 5 tips for creating better balance in your life may actually take some getting used to on a daily basis. I can promise you that you will see significant shifts in your health and well-being by embracing these tried and true Ayruvedic tools! They may be a lot easier than the last 3 heavy hitters! 

·       Eat an earlier and lighter dinner that is warm and grounding

·       Turn off the computer, tablet or phone at dusk and chill with your favorite peeps, take a walk or do some light chores.

·       Go to bed by 10pm

Give yourself the gift of seeing which practices you feel most aversion toward. Sit with the feelings of aversion and see how making a positive shift toward that direction could just be the ticket to tapping into improved energy, sleep, moods, and health.

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