7 simple LOVE practices

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The Ocean of Love

This Yoga Retreat is designed to unite community through daily meditation, asana practices, sound healing, artistic expression, fun, food and frolicking.

Like rivers flowing to the Ocean, Love flows eternally within you!

If you neglect yourself and become depleted, you won’t be able to fully express your love, creativity, and joy. Without good self-care, you will likely feel resentment and resistance. You may find yourself snapping at family members and co-workers or withdrawing to escape life’s demands. Make yourself a priority!

Try these 5 simple self-care practices for LOVING yourself so that NURTURING others comes easily.

·       Start your day with 5 minutes of a loving-kindness meditation

Yes, 5 minutes can make a HUGE difference! Set a timer and you will really fall in love with this quick and effective practice. Let your breath guide you into your heart. Breathe in love in any form you can access; love for your pet, love for the sunshine, love for the smell of coffee etc. Breathe in the love you feel and allow yourself to feel where it lives within you. Breathe love back out and send it to others in need of love today! Repeat for 5 minutes and ROCK your day.

·       Move your body for 5-20 minutes each day

·       Enjoy at least one meal a day = sit, savor, honor, receive

·       Give yourself an oil massage once a week

·       Turn off the radio in the car and focus on what has brought you joy lately

·       Lovingly interrupt your inner critic and start telling yourself what you did right today

·       Take 1 minute after getting into bed to tell yourself something sweet. What does your heart need to hear?

It takes discipline to attune to love. Learning to give yourself your own sweet and loving attention is the most profound way to call in ALL that your heart desires in life. Tune in to YOU and fall in love with being kind, compassionate, and nurturing to the most important person in your life! As you become more present in your life and pay attention to cultivating joy, you will naturally find yourself feeling energized, balanced, and healthy.