10 Tips For Better Sleep

Just because sleep is a vital process that contributes to our well-being doesn't mean that it happens easily all the time. During this time of great change in our global health and social justice, a good slumber may be even more difficult to consistently find. Yet, we know that regenerating cells and revitalizing our mind is imperative. Here's some mindfulness tips that you can call into action to help ensure sweet dreams. Try the one (or two) the speaks to your inner healer

1. The power of a nighttime ritual

Ending your day with a routine is just as important as the other daily routines you've learned to implement. Try lighting a candle and turning off the lights. Spray your room with lavender essential oil. Help your body relax and wind down with a few gentle yoga postures. 

  • Seated Forward Fold
  • Supine Windshield Wiper Twist
  • Child's Pose

2. Consistency, consistency, consistency

You already know this one, but do you do it? Wake up and go to bed at the same time. Stick to it for at least 5 days a week. This is so difficult to do in the summer. Consider shifting your outdoor time to earlier in the morning when its cool. Its the small changes that are sometimes the hardest to make. I'll be honest, this is the one that I needed to hear!

3. Power down to go down

For those who find it difficult to shut down, try turning off the electronic devices at least one hour before bed. Think of the blue light from your screen like a mini strobe light. That will help you to better understand how screen time interferes with your circadian rhythm. What will you ever do? Take a warm bath or a sweet shower, nurture yourself with self massage, do some gentle yoga. Yeah...you know how to be on the down low!

4. Treat yourself like royalty

Enjoy climbing into a bed that feels like a sanctuary; clean your sheets more often, make the bed when you arise, invest in the perfect pillows, and consider some really luxurious pajamas. Use the whole bedtime experience as a way to affirm your value and know that you deserve the best. 

5. Entrain your mind to something unimportant

Draw power from a little white noise and allow it to gently lull you into slumber. The sound of a gentle fan usually holds very little significance to the mind. Lay yourself down to sleep as the sound helps you center your mind and doze off  happily into never-never land.

6. Don't knock it until you try it

Quieting the mind with a CBD tincture can greatly aid in quieting the mind. Your body contains natural cannabinoid receptors that help manage stress and inflammation. Straight up CBD with no THC contains no psychoactives, so take a few drops to create space  for your body's natural soothing abilities are enhanced before bed.

7. Fall asleep and stay asleep by letting go of the nightcap

Say what? I know, this one will not be a crowd pleaser!  Alcohol has its time and place. If staying asleep is where you struggle, let go of this dehydrating inhibitor to the natural sleep cycle. If you do partake, drink a glass of water for every adult beverage. Try some of the amazing meditation aps or gentle yoga practices available. 

8. Did someone say meditation?

There's all sorts of meditations to call upon in your bedtime routine. I like to read a short verse from the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra aka The Radiance Sutras by Lorin Roche. This moment of inspiration can be taken inward and savored with some sweet long breaths. Take that to the pillow and allow it to hold you in the love of life as your drift away from the day. 

9. Sweet long breaths to fall asleep like a baby

Try out this simple breath practice. Lay on your back in your clean and sweet smelling bed. Place your hands down below your navel. Watch the breath expand underneath your hands on inhale. Allow a long and soft exhale to come out the mouth. Now, count the breath. One full breath cycle equals one count. Keep the breath soft and consistent in that way for 10 full counted breath cycles. If you lose track, simply start back at 1. Repeat until you wake up the next morning wondering if you ever made it to 10!

10. Upgrade your mattress

An old saggy mattress can impact your spine, shoulders and neck; stopping you from getting restful sleep. If you notice that your mattress has an 'imprint of you' even though you've not been in the bed since morning, it may be time to invest in the most important tool of the lullaby trade. This is a big ticket item, so consider the investment as saying YES to thriving.